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August 2019

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    Double chocolate vegan protein pancakes.

    I love breakfast. I could eat it for every meal of the day. Breakfast for supper is always a hit around here and these pancakes didn’t disappoint. Chock full of vitamins…

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    Crispy Almond Butter Tofu Bowl.

    Happy Monday, friends! Hopefully you’re all powering into this Monday after a relaxing weekend. Our co-ed ultimate frisbee team played in Mile Zero Ultimate’s summer league playoffs this weekend followed by…

  • Recipes.


    I used to hate cooking. Literally despised it. If someone told me I’d be developing my own recipes at some point in my life and actually enjoy it, I’d probably laugh…

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    Elevated Oat Bowl.

    Oatmeal is my absolute favourite thing to eat. It’s super nutritious and filling and there are so many ways to take your oat bowl to the next level! I’ve been particularly…

  • Recipes.

    BBQ Chicken Caesar Salad.

    This week has been a super productive one in the kitchen. I have several recipes lined up to post which doesn’t happen as often these days. I’m back into full renovation…

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    Chickpea and Oat S’More Blondies.

    Hi friends! I’ve been awake since 5:30am trying to make this day as productive as possible! I’ve been to a Tabata class at the gym, finished a few chores, put another…